Debuts of the 60s, Max Sauze, of return of Algiers, settles down near Aix-en-Provence, to ÉGUILLES. His artist’s life continues, he has to resume what he left on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea. From elements of aluminum, he develops geometrical forms, which quickly will integrate some lighting. From 1968, the production knows a creativity and a lightning growth. Pioneer in this mode of aesthetics, the company ” Max Sauze ” develops.

The first lounges bring a commercial success until be copied. The sphere of influence of of seventie appropriates of new materials: plastics and steels get into the modern homes(foyers). It is quite naturally that the aluminum makes its appearance. Skillfully shaping, Max Sauze creates in a few years a whole series of lamps: suspensions, wall lamps, lamps to be put. Some look like more sculptures than in lamps, they will take the naming of bright sculptures. Particularly “Cassiopée”, created for the conference hall of Aix-en-Provence in huge size, to be then declined in smaller versions for the private market.

“Orion”, by his timeless shape quickly become a best-seller.

The marketing extends in Europe, then in the USA and Canada.
The end of 1970s with the appearance of halogen lamps is a turning point in the lamp. It is the end of the chandeliers, the suspensions and other blocking objects. We appreciate the small spots, the discretion, the yield. The market of the lamp aluminum gets out of breath and disappears replaced by the technology.

Max Sauze turns(shoots) then to other creations.

There is sculptor and artist in the soul and continues the work in innovative and surprising realizations, often against preconceived ideas.
His direct environment metamorphoses according to its vision. His garden takes shape and trains and becomes an active support of the works. Sculptures and vegetable occupy the space in a subtle mixture, we do not know which was before the other one there.
Classified by the Ministry of Culture as the ” remarkable garden “, he is opened to the public.

But the story continues.
Today, we republish certain models, those who remain the most representative of time. And not to stop there, we fancy to move forward?; the sculpture is infinite. We create new forms, new models, and make share to the current public our creative enthusiasm lives our most beautiful reward.

Sébastien Sauze 2012